No 72: Spring 2015

Table of Contents

Front Matter

Front Matter PDF
Comparative Civilizations Review i-v
Editor's Note PDF
Joseph Drew 1-4


The Commentarial Engine PDF
PhD, J. Randall Groves 5-11
Commentary Traditions and the Evolution of Premodern Religious and Philosophical Systems: A Cross-Cultural Model PDF
Steve Farmer, John B. Henderson, Peter Robinson 12-59
Responses PDF
Andrew Targowski 60-63
The Sociological Location of Art PDF
Vytautas Kavolis 64-74
Collective Wisdom and Civilization: Revitalizing Ancient Wisdom Traditions PDF
Thomas Keifer 75-98
Austria-Hungary 1914: Nationalisms in Multi-National Nation-State PDF
Anthony M. Stevens-Arroyo 99-114
Verge of Collapse? Survival of Civilization in the Anthropocene PDF
Lynn Rhodes 115-130
The Global Civil War: Will the West Survive? PDF
Bertil Haggman 131-136
Witchcraft in the Early Modern West PDF
Larry Gragg 137-148

Book Reviews

Laina Farhat-Holzman PDF
John Grayzel 149-153
Bernard Lewis, The End of Modern History in the Middle East PDF
Laina Farhat-Holzman 154-159
Jean Haussmann, In Search of the Origins of Nazi Monstrosity: From Persecution to Annihilation PDF
Joseph Drew 160-163
Niccolo Leo Caldararo, The Anthropology of the Credit Crisis: Magical Thinking, Irrationality and the Role of Inequality PDF
Andrew Targowski 164-166
Tatu Vanhanen, Ethnic Conflicts: Their Biological Roots in Ethnic Nepotism PDF
Mariana Tepfenhart 167-168
Brian Fagan, Floods, Famines, and Emperors: El Nino and the Fate of Civilizations PDF
Lynn Rhodes 169-171

End Matter

45th Annual ISCSC Conference in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil June 2015 PDF
Comparative Civilizations Review 172-178

Full Issue

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