Vol 27, (2001)

Table of Contents

Front Matter

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Deseret Language and Linguistics Society a-iii


Discourse Intonation and Speaking English as a Second Language PDF
John P. Broderick 1-16
Toward a Psychological Analysis of the Sentence from the Work of Lashley, Chomsky, Wundt, Polanyi, and Skousen's AML PDF
Bruce L. Brown 17-22
Evidence for Borrowing as the Reason for Exceptions to the Spanish Sound Change f to h PDF
David Riding 23-29
Improving Speech Recognition for a Communicative CALL Task PDF
Michael Emonts, Deryle Lonsdale, C. Ray Graham, Michael Rushforth, PSST! Research Group 31-35
An NLP System for Extracting and Representing Knowledge from Abbreviated Text PDF
Deryle Lonsdale, Merrill Hutchison, Tim Richards, William Taysom 37-44
Lexicostatistics Applied to the Historical Development of Three Languages of the Philippines PDF
Hans Nelson 45-61
Missionary Language Mangling PDF
Lynn Henrichsen 63-71

Full Issue

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Deseret Language and Linguistics Society