Vol 1, No 1 (1980)

Table of Contents

Front Matter

Front Matter PDF
Mormon Pacific Historical Society i-iii


On Writing Latter-day Saint History PDF
Leonard J. Arrington 1-5
It Is Not All Cut And Dried PDF
Donald Johnson 6-9
Sources for Family History in Hawaii PDF
Agnes C. Conrad 10-19
Problems In Oral History In Tonga PDF
Eric B. Shumway 20-26
The Establishment of the Church In French Polynesia, 1844-1895 PDF
R. Lanier Britsch 27-32
The LDS Hawaiian Colony at Skull Valley, Utah 1889-1917 PDF
Leonard J. Arrington 33-38
Family Life In Hawaii During The Hawaiian Monarchy PDF
Joseph Spurrier 38-55
Na Makua Mahalo I'a - Mormon Contributions to Hawaiian Music PDF
Ishmael Stagner 56-58
Opapo -- Man of Miracles PDF
Carl Fonoimoana 59-66
The Story Behind the Legend of the Seven Maori Canoes and the Descending Maori Chiefs PDF
Vernice Pere 67-74
Preservation of the Hawaiian Identity in the Present Day Hawaiian Family PDF
Albert Like 75-86
The Hawaiian Mission Crisis of 1874: Character as Destiny PDF
Lance D. Chase 87-97

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Mormon Pacific Historical Society