Vol 9, No 1 (1988)

Table of Contents

Front Matter

Front Matter PDF
Mormon Pacific Historical Society i-iii


The President's Message and Executive Council PDF
Kenneth W. Baldridge 1
Welcome by D. Arthur Haycock PDF
Dorothy L. Behling 2-3
A Jewel in the Gardens of Paradise: The Art and Architecture of the Hawaiian Temple PDF
Paul L. Anderson 4-12
Restoration of the Hawaii Temple Friezes PDF
Ballard T. White 13-19
The Conception of the Hawaii Temple PDF
R. Lanier Britsch 20-27
Love for Ohana Helps Bring the Temple PDF
Dorothy L. Behling 28-42
The Attempted Attack on the Hawaii Temple, December 7, 1941 PDF
Lance Chase 43-49
In Search of a Tale: A Personal Account (Was there an attempt to bomb the Hawaii Temple or wasn't there?) PDF
Kenneth W. Baldridge 50-58
Exploding an LDS Myth PDF
Mark Augustine 59-62

End Matter

Purpose of MPHS PDF
Mormon Pacific Historical Society 63

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No. 09 Mormon Pacific Historical Society PDF
Mormon Pacific Historical Society