BYU Prelaw Review

The Brigham Young University Prelaw Review is one of the only undergraduate prelaw reviews in circulation.

The Review allows students to showcase their skills to a scholarly audience such as law schools. The Prelaw Review acquaints students with different research avenues and the most widely-used legal citation guide, The Bluebook, by Harvard Law Review.

Vol 28, (2014)

Table of Contents

Front matter

Front Matter PDF
Prelaw Review a-iv
Publisher's Note PDF
Kris Tina Carlston v-vi
Editors' Note PDF
Ryan Awerkamp, Ken Daines vii-viii


Improving Patent Quality: Evaluating the PTO's Jurisdiction for Patent Reexamination to Compensate for Changing Validity Standards PDF
Adam Aquino 1-16
An Analysis of Strict Liability as Applied to Hydraulic Fracturing PDF
Casey Ball 17-32
A Legal Defense of Counter-Hacking PDF
Ben Richards 33-48
Strengthening the Efficacy of Acquisitive Prescription in International Law: Implications for the Senkaku-Diaoyu Islands Dispute PDF
Richard Stubbs 49-64
Analysis of Laws Governing Combination Products, Transgenic Food, Pharmaceutical Products and their Applicability to Edible Vaccines PDF
Simon Maxwell 65-82
Working Towards Justice for All: Strengthing the Apprehension Mechanism of the International Criminal Court PDF
John Griffith 83-104
Social Media Mistakes and the California Eraser Bill PDF
Theron Christensen, Chad Marler 105-115
Holding Polluters Responsible: Redistributing Externalities Through Pigovian Taxes PDF
Krista Alford 117-129
The Legality of State Regulation and Enforcement of Federal Immigration Law PDF
Andy Hoffman 131-148

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