Vol 13, No 2 (2012)

Table of Contents

Front Matter

Front Matter PDF
Religious Educator a-v
Editor's Note: Teaching (and) Truth PDF
Dana M. Pike iii


Truth and Tolerance PDF
Dallin H. Oaks vi-15
The Church Educational System: A Conversation with Roger G. Christensen PDF
Casey Paul Griffiths 16-31
"Look! And I Looked": Lessons in Learning and Teaching from Nephi's Vision PDF
John Hilton III 32-43
Helping Our Students Become Spiritually Self-Reliant PDF
Barbara E. Morgan 44-59
Nephi: An Ideal Teacher of Less-Than-Ideal Students PDF
Tyler J. Griffin 60-71
Preparing Students to Receive Revelation: Insights from the Book of Mormon PDF
Shon D. Hopkin 72-87
Attributes and Approaches of Effective Gospel Teachers PDF
Kendel Christensen, Lloyd D. Newell 88-105
Faith as a Holy Embrace PDF
Duane Boyce 106-127
Uniting Faith and History PDF
Rachel Cope, Brian Q. Cannon, Matthew B. Bowman, Patrick Q. Mason, Steven C. Harper, Matthew J. Grow, Tona Hangen, Paul E. Kerry 128-159
Joseph Smith and the Spirit of Optimism PDF
Mark D. Ogletree 160-183
James E. Talmage and the Doctrine of the Godhead PDF
Brian W. Ricks 184-209
"I've Lived My Dream!" A Conversation with Arnold K. Garr PDF
Alexander L. Baugh 210-232

End Matter

End Matter PDF
Religious Educator 233-243

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Vol. 13 No. 2 Religious Educator PDF
Religious Educator