Vol 45, No 2 (2012)

Table of Contents

Front Matter

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Alic C. Pack: An Exemplary Life Worth Memorializing PDF
Lynn Henrichsen 2-16
Motivation in Chinese University EFL Learners in Varying Learning Contexts PDF
Meihua Liu 17-39
Embracing the Diversity: Learning from EFL Students' Self-Selected Reading and Writing PDF
Li-Te Li 41-62

Tips for Teachers

Building Confidence as a Precursor to Building Fluency PDF
Satoko Watkins 63-69
Teaching the Concept of Allophones Using Analogies PDF
Alice Yin Wa Chan 71-73
Using Exchange Diaries with High School Students PDF
Chieko Okada 75-79


Grammar and Beyond PDF
Rick Nelson 81-82
Sunshine, Level 3 PDF
Aubrey Olsen Bronson 83-84

Full Issue

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