Vol 7 (2014)

8th California Islands Symposium

Table of Contents


The contributions of Donald Lee Johnson to understanding the Quaternary geologic and biogeographic history of the California Channel Islands PDF
Daniel R. Muhs 1–20
Diurnal and semidiurnal internal waves near Two Harbors, Santa Catalina, California PDF
Craig G. Gelpi 21–34
Evidence of repeated wildfires prior to human occupation on San Nicolas Island, California PDF
Jeffrey S. Pigati, John P. McGeehin, Gary L. Skipp, Daniel R. Muhs 35–47
Landscapes of Santa Rosa Island, Channel Islands National Park, California PDF
R. Randall Schumann, Scott A. Minor, Daniel R. Muhs, Jeffrey S. Pigati 48–67
Documenting the paleontological resources of National Park Service areas of the southern California coast and islands PDF
Justin S. Tweet, Vincent L. Santucci, Tim Connors 68–81
Interpreting the paleozoogeography and sea level history of thermally anomalous marine terrace faunas: a case study from the Last Interglacial Complex of San Clemente Island, California PDF
Daniel R. Muhs, Lindsey T. Groves, R. Randall Schumann 82–108
Terrestrial resource exploitation on Santa Cruz Island, California: macrobotanical data from four Middle Holocene sites PDF
Kristin M. Hoppa 109–117
Prehistoric occupation of the interior of western Santa Cruz Island PDF
Michael A. Glassow 118–128
Early Holocene pearl oyster circular rishhooks and ornaments on Espíritu Santo Island, Baja California Sur PDF
Harumi Fujita 129–134
Defining the historic landscape on eastern Santa Rosa Island: archaeological investigations at Qshiwqshiw PDF
Todd J. Braje, Torben C. Rick, Leslie Reeder-Myers, Breana Campbell, Kelly Minas 135–145
Reestablishing the locale of California's first American-designated place name on Santa Catalina Island PDF
Ivan H. Strudwick 146–160
Island specialists: shared flora of the Alta and Baja California Pacific Islands PDF
Sarah E. Ratay, Sula E. Vanderplank, Benjamin T. Wilder 161–220
Lecanora annularis (Lecanoraceae, Lecanorales), a new lichen species from the Channel Islands and the central California coast. PDF
Kerry Knudsen, James C. Lendemer, Jana Kocourková 221–224
Changes in vegetation and biological soil crust communities on sand dunes stabilizing after a century of grazing on San Miguel Island, Channel Islands National Park, California
Kristine L. Zellman 225–245
Stand structure and acorn production of the island scrub oak (Quercus pacifica) PDF
Mario B. Pesendorfer, Kathryn M. Langin, Brian Cohen, Zachary Principe, Scott A. Morrison, T. Scott Sillett 246–259
Status and trends of the rocky intertidal community on the Farallon Islands PDF
Jan Roletto, Scott Kimura, Natalie Cosentino-Manning, Ryan Berger, Russell Bradley 260–275
On the origins of the insect fauna of California's Channel Islands: a comparative phylogeographic study of island beetles
Michael S. Caterino, Stylianos Chatzimanolis, Maxi Polihronakis Richmond 276–296
Contributions to an arthropod inventory of Santa Cruz Island, California PDF
Ida Naughton, Michael S. Caterino, Cause Hanna, David Holway 297–305
Nocturnal spotlight surveys for monitoring Scripps’s Murrelets in at-sea congregations at Anacapa Island, California PDF
Darrell L. Whitworth, Harry R. Carter 306–320
Status, distribution, and conservation of Scripps’s Murrelet at Santa Catalina Island, California PDF
Darrell L. Whitworth, Harry R. Carter, Tyler M. Dvorak, Linda S. Farley, Julie L. King 321–338
Space use and home-range size of Barn Owls on Santa Barbara Island PDF
Sarah K. Thomsen, Caitlin E. Kroeger, Peter H. Bloom, A. Laurie Harvey 339–347
The implications of increased body size in the Song Sparrows of the California Islands PDF
Raymond M. Danner, Russell Greenberg, T. Scott Sillett 348–356
Evaluation of new telemetry technologies for research on island foxes PDF
Brian Cypher, Elizabeth Drake, Jennifer Savage, Julie King, Katherine Ralls, Timothy Coonan, John Perrine, Calvin Duncan 357–372
On the fast track to recovery: island foxes on the northern Channel Islands PDF
Timothy J. Coonan, Victoria Bakker, Brian Hudgens, Christina L. Boser, David K. Garcelon, Scott A. Morrison 373–381
Status of the Santa Catalina Island fox thirteen years after its decline
Julie L. King, Calvin L. Duncan, David K. Garcelon 382–396
Identifying evolutionarily significant units and prioritizing populations for management on islands
Jeanne M. Robertson, Kathryn M. Langin, T. Scott Sillett, Scott A. Morrison, Cameron K. Ghalambor, W. Chris Funk 397–411
Strategies for biosecurity on a nearshore island in California PDF
Christina L. Boser, Coleen Cory, Kathryn R. Faulkner, John M. Randall, John J. Knapp, Scott A. Morrison 412–420
Ecosystem restoration on Santa Catalina Island: a review of potential approaches and the promise of bottom-up invader management
Denise A. Knapp 421–434
Prioritizing restoration actions for the islands of Mexico PDF
M. Latofski-Robles, A. Aguirre-Muñoz, F. Méndez-Sánchez, H. Reyes-Hernández, S. Schlüter 435–441
Restoration of a coastal wetland at Prisoners Harbor, Santa Cruz Island, Channel Islands National Park, California
Paula J. Power, Joel Wagner, Mike Martin, Marie Denn 442–454
A program to eradicate twenty-four nonnative invasive plant species from Santa Cruz Island
Coleen Cory, John J. Knapp 455–464
Native plant recovery in study plots after fennel (Foeniculum vulgare) control on Santa Cruz Island
Paula J. Power, Thomas Stanley, Clark Cowan, James R. Roberts 465–476
Experimental planting of native shrubs on Santa Cruz Island from small nursery stock
Matthew L. James, David M. Hubbard, Coleen Cory 477–488
Importance of early life stage limitations on recovering populations of Leptosyne gigantea, San Miguel Island, California
Catherin A. Schwemm 489–499
Eelgrass meadows return to Frenchy's Cove, Anacapa Island: recovery ten years after successful transplantation
Jessica M. Altstatt, Richard Ambrose, Jay Carroll, James Coyer, Joseph Wible, John Engle 500–517
Argentine ant management in conservation areas: results of a pilot study PDF
Christina L. Boser, Cause Hanna, Kathryn R. Faulkner, Coleen Cory, John M. Randall, Scott A. Morrison 518–530
Reintroduction of historically extirpated taxa on the California Channel Islands PDF
Scott A. Morrison, Kevin A. Parker, Paul W. Collins, W. Chris Funk, T. Scott Sillett 531–542
Laysan Albatross on Guadalupe Island, México: current status and conservation actions
Julio César Hernández-Montoya, Luciana Luna-Mendoza, Alfonso Aguirre-Muñoz, Leonardo de la Rosa-Conroy, Federico Méndez-Sánchez, Maria Félix-Lizárraga 543–555

ISSN: 1944-8236